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Life In The Medieval Time During the medieval times, there were many different classifications of people.

Many of the people who were peasants also called serfs usually belonged to the lower class. The middle class were usually composed of tradesmans or craftsmans. They had a little more freedom than the lower class but they still followed strict laws and regulations set by the king. High class consisted of kings and queens, and rich villagers who owned land, and merchants. They lived a comfortable life and costly lifestyle. The classification these three orders are not much different nonetheless their lifestyles and activities which vary greatly as well.

The lower class lifestyles were fairly simple and fair. Peasants served their master by cleaning, cooking, and doing other tasks such as working in the fields. In Denchendorff, Germany each female would receive two measures of wine and eight white loaves of bread at the christening of each of their children (Rowling 77).

Peasants were usually poor and did not have any spacious room like the middle or higher class had. Instead, their house was commonly a two-room cottage. The cottage could house at most four people without overcrowding the cottage itself. The simplest form of a cottage had an open hearth in the center of the room (Signum 75). For peasants, marriage was not very common but they still had quite a few occasionally. Usually when peasants get married they would have a feast for both sides of the families one day prior to the special day. Peasants rarely had a big feast prepared for their guests and family because they could not afford to have them like the middle and upper class (Signum 92).

The middle class was better off than the lower class but they still did not receive the...