Life in the Middle Ages

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Commoners had a hard life. They were the lowest class of people and had to pay the highest taxes. Also they had to work the most the reason they didnt leave was because there was nowhere else to go. The other land was owned by another king. They had a small shack that was their house. Also they had a small field that they had to work on day and night. If the crop was bad they starved.

The continuing warning of war during the middle ages caused members of the nobility to build grand stone castles to protect themselves,their families, and their servants against possible attacks. In the castle was a building called the keep, where the the nobleman and his family lived. They wore brighter colors and better materials they also had longer coat length were signs of wealth in the Middle Ages. Wealthy people wore clothes made of silk, velvet, and a heavy cloth called damask.

Training to be a knight during the middle ages usuallly began at a early age. Often the prospective knight was sent to live with a relative or lord who had the ability to train the young boy in use of weapons and most importantly, the skills to handle a horse in combat.Once his trainging was completed and he reache fighting age he would become a full knight.

The daily life of a noblewoman started at dawn when Mass would be heard and prayers would be made. A noblewoman would be served by her ladies in waiting. She would be helped with her dress for the day. The first meal of the day for the noblewoman was a breakfast. the daily life of the noblewoman would include conversations on tournameants, betrothals, marriages, poetry and courtly love. A noblewoman would be...