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Essay by varunsaisUniversity, Master's October 2014

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Name : Varun Sai Mudapaka

Course Name : GLS 471 Mastering English Grammar

Due date : October 8 2014

Life at SNHU

"Learning is a never ending process" is the quote which pops up all the time in my mind. Last year this time, I was working for a Multinational company in India and I had no thought of doing Masters in the United States Of America. Suddenly, one day, while I was doing a task, I realized that I lacked knowledge in few areas of my study; I immediately decided to do Masters in Information Technology and searched for different universities across USA. Many of my friends who were then studying in US suggested me to do Masters in US where I would get great practical and technical exposure to fulfill my dreams. I started searching for many different universities which offer courses in my domain. SNHU is the one of the universities I found which had varied courses and also had a specialized subject Database Design which is a very rare course and is the area of domain I'm working with.

Immediately I choose SNHU as my choice and applied for it. SNHU International Admissions took almost three months to process my application. They took a very long time to process my application which irritated me a bit at that time, but finally I heard the positive news from SNHU by confirming my admission into Information Technology in Database Design.

After receiving my i20, I attended the Visa interview in Mumbai and got the Visa. Before my arrival I surfed about US,SNHU and found a lot of information on internet about that. I also contacted many of my friends who are staying in the US to inquire about the university and the city where it was located.