Life In My Sisters Shoes

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All of my life I thought that my sister had a perfect life. She was so pretty and smart and she wouldn't allow anything walk in the way of her achieving her goals. Maybe I was jealous of her because she had talent that I did not have. Up until five years ago I came to realize that she was not as perfect as I thought she was. She was having several problems with her uterus. These problems were leading up to symptoms in which later in life would affect her from having kids. I still remember the day when she had went to the doctor and seeing the expression on her face when she came out. The pain was so horrifying like, "Boiling steam with a low rumble." (Pg.33) Nothing could stop the pain. If only I could take all of her pain and suffering away. I kept asking myself, "why her if I could only be in her shoes."

When she found out that she would not be able to have kids that really broke her heart. That is when I finally realized that you don't know what you have until you don't have it anymore. My mom always told her that god works in mysterious ways and he just might have to start getting to work. I always told her to have patience. About 4 months ago Donielle found out that she had cancer on her cervices. Luckily they were removed and the operation didn't turn out to be fatal. But the damage that this did to her cervices was unbelievable. She now will never be able to have children, but that is better than her not dying from the surgery. At least she is alive today. The doctor's say that maybe some day she will...