The Life of a Network & Computer Specialist

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February 2, 2004

The Life of a Network & Computer Specialist

Information Technology is an exhilarating profession that requires commitment and hard work. A specialist may sit at a desk or out in the field correcting problems. The problems could consist of fixing programs, technical briefs, and an assortment of other assignments. In the beginning, a specialist starts below an analyst. In several years a specialist will become an analyst. If one would like to enter the field of Information Technology, one needs to meet the requirements, take advantage of opportunities available, and face the demands of the job.

A career in computer science has proven to be a valuable direction for the young devotee. Technology has a lot to offer one in many occupations. This is working with small or large companies that have hardware or software departments. Along with that the opportunities are endless.

The one big reason that the computer industry is so promising is that virtually every industry in the world depends on computer operation. As a result, this creates an increasingly large and permanent demand for software, technical, hardware knowledge.

A Computer and Network Systems Specialist must be capable of thinking rationally and pondering for extensive periods of time on small and large interesting activities. In this job, one needs to commit to memory important amounts of data and pay attention to fine points. In my job, Information Technology Department is always willing to employ people with excellent communications skills and technical skills. Since we are in an aggressive job market, companies need effective communication and technical expertise to help with everyday operations with a degree in Information Technology one can be qualified for a wide range of duties such as technical writing to technical support.

Today the...