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Because of the financial crisis that my country is facing, I have made the decision to move to another country, along with my 5-year-old daughter. More specifically, the city I have chosen to move to is New York. Other factors that lead me to this decision are the fact that I have relatives there, the much better employment and education opportunities, as well as the fact that New York is considered the "cultural capital of the world" and is the most important city for the arts, like music and theater.

To begin with, the first and most crucial reason that I have decided to move to New York is because I have relatives there. My aunt and cousin have lived in New York for the past 4 years and will help my daughter and me begin our new life in the big city. I have found an apartment that is really close to theirs and at a reasonable price and my aunt helped my find a private school for my daughter.

The school is called the Berkeley Carroll School, and is located very close to our new home and my office, something that is very beneficial since I finish my job at 4 and will be able to pick her up right after that.

Another important reason why I have chosen this city is because of the great opportunities that it has to offer. Thousands of people from all over the world move to the big city every year in order to pursue their dreams and fulfill their hopes of reaching success. When it comes to my employment, I have applied and have been accepted as a creative director in the New York Magazine. I have always wanted to work in a magazine so this would be a great...