From Life of Pain To Death: Poem about the convictions and pains of the world.

Essay by silveredeagleJunior High, 8th grade September 2003

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From Life of Pain to Death

There are many thoughts,

That comes across my head

And even in the silence,

Without a solution, I am dead.

In this bitter night of cold,

A hug was all I wanted

Pain of course has returned

And just confusion was what I told.

Not knowing the real meaning of life,

I searched for a clue.

Soon realized,

I didn't know what to do.

It didn't matter now,

Since we would all sure die,

But surprised

Of not being a lie.

The time has come,

The end is near

Always worrying

With just one tear.

I know it is worthless

Of crying out my pain,

But I am certain

That this is sure the day.

The time is near

And my pain will come to an end.

I am so sure

That all my sins will someday mend.

I can see it bright,

Being only a light

Illuminating the entire, dark night.

I am truly scared

And I have a bad feeling,

But it all soon goes

By just discovering its true meaning.

I try to understand

That my last hope has been given

Of all the things

That this sacrifice has driven.

My pain has gone away

As I notice that night has turned to day

Suddenly wishing

This would all end, my way.

I look back down

Noticing my tears.

I see my frown

Chirping of birds is what he who hears.

My body is on the floor

I cannot take it any more

I turn up high

And suddenly sigh.

My journey has begun

As I take my last breath

I know it is all done

From life to death.