Life in Prison

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Life in Prison3.

Adaptation Strategies: Anonymous N.3-5.

Adaptation Strategies: Voices from the Field5-6.

Need for Repect, Hope, and Safety6.

Short-Term Compared to Long-Term6-7.

Changes in Correctional Policy8-9.

Toxic Shamed Identity9.




Life in PrisonLife in PrisonUnderstanding prison life since reading Contemporary Corrections has confirmed the hopelessness, despair, and fear which prisoner's undergo as a punishment for their crimes. These individuals must serve the consequences for their criminal actions, however, many communities and families must suffer as well. This author has had the privilege to serve in law enforcement for the past 22-years. She is aware of the two types of prisoner classifications, such as internal and external. The only difference she has found since reading Contemporary Corrections is the specific labeling regards to inmates. The probation and parole officers' introduction has allowed knowledge of growth in this particular field.

Many individuals who are incarcerated are threatened on a daily basis.

Carceral, (2004) states, "There is racism, the perfect hate factory; racism is mental escapism, violence is the physical and compulsive sex to relieve the daily anxiety" (p. 17, para. 2). He also states, "When one gets stuck in the time warp, the clock stops during incarceration" (p. 17, para. 3).

Adaptation Strategies: Anonymous N.

The adaptation strategies Anonymous N. uses in adjusting to prison life is several loss of liberties, such as control. Carceral, (2004), states, "Besides missing the important things like family and friends, your work and your home, you miss being able to sleep, when you want to cook, when you want, and shop for the groceries you want; not to mention, going outside and taking a walk" (p. 48, para. 3).

Time is another loss of liberty. Carceral (2004), states, "I felt like I have entered a time warp because the clock stops when a...