The Life of R.L. Stine (W/ Works Cited)

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Robert Lawrence Stine, better known as R. L. Stine, was born January 8th, 1943 in Columbus, Ohio. As a child, Stine enjoyed humorous books, TV shows, movies, magazines, and so on (Cashburn). Stine, himself, accredits Mad magazine for changing his life. It was not until Stine read Something Wicked Comes, a horror book by author Ray Bradbury, that Stine became interested in stories of horror and terror. One day, when Stine was nine, he ventured into the attic to find an old typewriter. Every since that day Stine said he has been fascinated with writing. In fact, it could be said that Stine started his writing career when he was nine years old. During the school day Stine would often write up stories, jokes, and comics for his friends and classmates to enjoy. As a high school student in Columbus, Stine wrote for the school paper, The Sundial. After graduating from high school, Stine attending The Ohio State University, home of the Buckeyes where he excelled in almost of his classes (R.L.


After his college graduation in 1965, Stine moved to New York City and served as the editor-in-chief of children's humor magazine called Bananas. In 1969, while attending a party in Brooklyn Stine met Jane, his soon-to-be wife. They had a son, named Matt, on June 7, 1980. Stine held his position as editor until 1989 when he signed with

the Parachute Press to write the Fear Street series of books, which would be made for a more mature audience than that of his more famous Goosebumps series. In 1992, after 3 years of tremendous success of the Fear Street series, Stine released the first book of the now famous Goosebumps series, Welcome to Dead House. Stine would go on to write fifty-nine more Goosebumps books as...