Life Roles

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Life Roles

Susan L. Stasher

June 26, 2012

Running head: LIFE ROLES




Life Roles

Life roles and activities are a major importance in the development and implementation of career goals. Different life roles require discrete basic skills, responsibilities, and expectations because each life role has explicit priorities. A college student, a career professional, and a parent will each have different life roles and transitions to achieve balance between responsibilities. Life roles necessitate different attitudes, values, and challenges. This paper will compare and contrast the effects of change and transition between roles of the college student, the career professional, and a parent.

Life role of a college student

The life role of a college student is a time when an individual must make important decisions that will affect the success of personal goals. "Students often face important decisions during college relating to their future career, current friendships, intimate relationships, religious affiliation, health choices and connection to family" (Stevic & Ward, 2008, p.

523-524). The choices a student makes while in college have a direct impact on the challenges of personal goals and the success of college achievement. College students make many sacrifices that necessitate balance between life activities, caution of relationships and choices of friendships, time management, and healthy activities to relieve stress and anxiety.

The college student has to balance time to include classes, study time, employment, time with friends and intimate relationships, time with family, hobbies, sports, and spiritual maintenance. The responsibility of a student is to focus on those activities and relationships that will enhance scholarly achievement. So often peers or intimate companions who participate in drugs, alcohol, unhealthy sexual behavior, money making schemes and other unhealthy risk- taking behaviors may distract the student from those priorities that promote healthy student lifestyle and decision...