Life's Asylum

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Who defines whether or not someone is normal? During most of my life people would tell me that I was strange or weird. So what? Is it so wrong that God created me the way I am? In the play "Asylum," Jerome McDonough stresses the fact that society has its own views as to what "normal" is, and that not everyone should fall into one category.

The main point of the play is to show the audience how everyone's individuality is deep-inside themselves just waiting to bloom. As the play progresses, each character finds themselves and starts becoming their own person while the authorities (society) has no clue as to what is really happening behind the walls of the asylum. The play ends with one of the characters (who is still in bondage) is being rolled off in a wheelchair after being demeaned and belittled by caretakers of the institution.

This relates to today since the world believes that if you don't conform to the way things are being done, then you are "strange" or "odd."

I believe God has a plan for us and that He made us for who we are. No one should suppress how we are to live our lives since we are here to serve Him. With this being said, it only makes sense to say that those who have given their life to God are strong enough to live in the world without caring about how others perceive them so they can fulfill their duties as Christians.

Even though I've been labeled as different, I know that I serve a purpose in the large scheme of things. With me being "different" I noticed that people aren't as self-conscience when they are around me and that I tend to bring out the part of...