The Life of Samuel

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Samuel was a judge in the Old Testament that was extremely dedicated and served him faithfully throughout his life. Samuel was born of a woman named Hannah who was unable to bear children until one day in the temple where she was praying Eli the prophet noticed her. Once he found out that she was without children, he said "Go in peace; the God of Israel grant the petition you have made to him." And Samuel came into this world and at his weaning time was offered to the Lord as a Nazirite for the rest of his life. The Lord took notice of the faithfulness of Hannah and granted her three more sons and two daughters.

Samuel then grew up under the instruction of the Lord's Prophet Eli learning the ways of the Lord and also how to become a priest and judge eventually. In the day when visions were an uncommon thing, the Lord God visited Samuel when he was lying down in the temple of the Lord.

In this vision the Lord revealed to Samuel what he was going to do with Israel and that he will also on that day carry out against Eli's house all that was promised because Eli's sons were blasphemous and defiled the Lord and sacrifices and offerings offered to him. At first Samuel was afraid to tell Eli of the vision, but in the morning he did as the Lord commanded and all was well. As Samuel's life went on, the Lord was with him and put words of wisdom in his mouth and guided his footsteps. When the Philistines came to war against Israel, Israel came to Samuel to go the Lord to lead and deliver the nation from the hand of their suppressors. Samuel then gathered the people...