Life In The Sixties

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Thirty to Forty years ago, there was a decade, a new generation, it was a ten-year mark in historical time. This time period was known as the sixties. Life in the 1960s was much different than other decades. It was a decade of its own. People?s views started to change, and people started to do things much differently than they had ever done before. Many changes were made in society, and people adapted quickly to them. There were changes in the way people lived their lives, there were changes in the way the youth took part in the decade, and there were many political changes as well. The sixties was a time of change.

Life in the sixties for many people had changed quite a bit. People started to change their views about life. They thought about newer and bigger houses, second cars, dishwashers, peoples movements, equality, love, morality and ideals, and ?deciding whether ten to twenty year old marriages were worth saving? (Edmonds 26).

Everyone was eager for change. For instance, the cost of living went down, people could buy a lot more with their money. To reach the consumer demand George Hees, a Trade minister said that it was ?like trying to fill a bathtub with the plug left out? (Edmonds 60). In 1965, the Gross National Product had gone five years ahead of predicted outcomes and hit the fifty billion dollar mark. People could start buying more material items as well as non-materialistic items. This changed the morality of people as well. Many things such as the Pill, contraceptives, abortion, and VD all came into place. People could afford them, and people thought that they were a good idea and an ?easy way out?. Such games as Ouija boards out sold Monopoly games. Psychic phenomena and books...