Life is so complicated

Essay by Reanna_17 April 2004

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Have you ever felt like you have fallen? Fallen so far down that it's impossible to ever get back up again. Its times like these that it feels like the whole world is against you, and no matter how much you fight it or how much you try, you seem to be running in circles. Going through the same hurt misery and pain all over again.

Its feelings like these that never let ones self be truly happy no matter how much effort they put into trying to be.

Pain is the true conquera of the heart, not love, because in the end you will always end up getting hurt. Nothing lasts forever not even love. Love fades as time goes by, no matter how hard you try to keep it in focus it will deteriate right in front of your eyes. So what is the point in love if it's only going to end in heartbreak?

Someone once told me your life it what you make it, but is that really true? In reality we have no control over our lives.

We can't pick and choose the people we are going to meet or the people we are going to fall in love with. And if we were so in control of our lives, then how come we can't choose when to die. Why do we have to die when in doesn't suit us? Why do we have to die when have so much more to live for? You see we have no control over our lives. It's all controlled by fate, the most powerful thing that controls us.

So you see don't live life waiting and expecting, because it will never turn out the way you want it to. Live life as it comes. Don't let upsets get...