Life on a space station

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Life on a space station

By: Ji Bin Jing

Have you ever wanted to go to space? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like in zero gravity? Astronauts are the lucky people who actually live out this dream. However they need to undertake training and cope with difficultly is space (i.e. How to go to the toilet in zero gravity, eat food, and walk around).

Planning for a space launch is crucial, astronauts need preparation and training to complete their tasks. Training can vary from fixing space stations to how to adept to zero gravity. However all phases of a mission including launch, docking to the space station, releasing satellites, space walks, landing and even emergency bailout procedures are thoroughly practiced. This ensures each astronaut is prepared for every event that occurs during a mission.

Astronauts need to be checked out by fitness and be able to take 4 G (gravity).

Their training is mostly virtual reality. This helps the astronauts have a visual interpretation of what the mission may look like. Underwater training is used with a special underwater training suit to give astronauts the feeling of zero gravity at the same time completing tasks. Training is essential for the astronaut to understand and gain experience to do these tasks more easily and fluently.

In space astronauts usually have to eat food which has been vacuumed, dehydrated, drinks made into a powder or left like normal (i.e. nuts or granola bars). As technology advances, life is simpler for us. Packaging technology can now create meals in space similar to what we have on Earth. Astronauts eat with a knife, fork and spoon however everything they eat comes in small packets. These small packets help preserve food and prevent bacteria growing on them. Also, the small...