Life From A Teenager's Perspective

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LIFE FROM A TEENAGER'S PERSPECTIVE!!! I was born with yet a sense of direction, and I will never make wrong. For I am in a controlled environment in which the hostile world out there may not come into contact with me. I am locked behind doors that contain me in my most absent moments. It will come a day when I can stop and look to the answer and conquer my destiny. And now is the time for I am making the change from a boy to a man and I am now nothing but a developing teenager. For the sense of direction that I possess is in constant motion, pushing me forward each and every day. I am only out to shoot for the moon, for if I miss I will fall among the stars (Anonymous). Mr. B and Class, I would like to introduce you to a life from a teenager's perspective.

It is so hard to believe that so little time ago you had no worries, cares, or life altering decisions. Now at our most vulnerable ages in life we are introduced to a new world, one that is open to our thoughts and actions. Nothing is dismissed, in relation to the ever-changing characteristics of our surroundings. No longer are we able to push things aside and procrastinate, cause if we do you are set back in time, and will never catch up. Things are now more expected of us and with the added tension; it is hard to stay on track. But there are things that we must remember in life. Such that we must learn how to think rather then what to think, considering that one single idea may save a life or prevent an accident. We need to begin to lead by...