The life of Thomas Edison

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Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. He was often sick and had an ear infection in one ear eventually leading to deafness in that ear. Thomas had a hard time in school. He was to independent to follow the rules and he had a hard time making friends. Teachers thought he was trouble, but his mother knew he was very bright so she pulled him out of school to resume school at home. Edison grew up like an average young man and in October, 1868 he announced his first major invention the phonograph. The phonograph was the first machine capable of recording and playing a sound back.

Edison's next big invention was a telephone transmitter. A telephone transmitter allows people to hear better. Edison did not make this invention by himself, he worked with his group known as Menlo Park. Edison is best known for his electric light bulb, but he did not make a light bulb first, but he did something bigger, he invented the first indoor electrical system.

This system would be the one that runs your T.V, radio and lights. What would concerts be like without microphones? Well if Thomas Edison did not exist, we would probably know. Thomas Edison created the first carbon microphone transmitter in 1877.

Have you ever fallen down and it turned out you broke your arm after the doctor scans the X-ray on you? Well if you have you could thank Thomas Edison for allowing the doctors know you have a broken arm. Until Edison discovered that calcium tungstate fluoroscopy screens produced brighter images than the barium platinocyanide screens originally used by Wilhelm Röntgen, the technology was only capable of producing faint images. The primary design of Edison's fluoroscope is still in use today, despite the fact that Edison himself abandoned the project after nearly losing his own eyesight and seriously maiming his assistant, Clarence Dally. Dally had made himself an enthusiastic human guinea pig for the fluoroscopy project and in the process been exposed to a poisonous dose of radiation. He later died of injuries related to the exposure. In 1903, Edison said "Don't talk to me about X-rays, I am afraid of them."Everyone enjoys movies and television. Well of course, Thomas Edison invented the Motion picture camera. Edison built a motion picture production studio in New Jersey. The studio had an opening roof to let in light, and the entire building was constructed so that it could be moved to stay in line with the sun. The "Boxing Gordon Sisters" was not the only boxing film Edison's company made. Can you imagine boxing cats? One of the Edison Manufacturing Company's earliest films shows two cats fighting in a boxing ring beating each other up. Other films starred well-known performers such as Annie Oakley and Native American dancers from Buffalo Bill's "Wild West Show."ReferencesThe new book of knowledge, 2007, Groiler