Life is Too Short

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Shiela Neumann

John Hansen

English Composition I

Sept. 30, 2014

Life's Too Short

Do not take life for granted because it can change in a heartbeat. Tomorrow is not promised. Focus on what really matters. These two essays, "Life's Too Short", by Carly and "I Believe Life is Too Short", by Unknown author are about two different scenarios that show us how true this is.

Carly writes about her grandfather passing away in his sleep and how it changed her way of thinking about life. How life is too short and we should not take it for granted because it can change in a heartbeat. Unknown author writes about being so busy with school work and extra-curricular activities that she did not have time for her family. Her younger sister's action made her realize what matters in life.

Both author's argument is effective with the use of emotion to persuade their audience that life is too short.

They both reflect on how they felt when they lost something or someone they love. Carly's grandfather past away. And Unknown author lost the affection of her sister. The essays do not contradict each other, even though their losses were different (one had no control over the loss and the other did). They express to us how good relationships with our loved ones are important in life.

Carly writes that she was young when her grandfather passed away in his sleep one bitter, winter night. His sudden death made her stop and think about tomorrow, the future and how suddenly things can change. Eleven years after the funeral she remembers walking with her brother, and cousins behind her grandfather's casket thinking life ends too soon. She believes her grandfather was too young to die even at seventy two years old.