The Life of Vincent van Gogh A caring individual stuck in An uncaring society

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When one hears the name Vincent van Gogh, what thoughts seem to come to

mind? Is it the fact that he was a famous Dutch painter, who gave the world timeless,

visual masterpieces such as "The Starry Night" and "The Red Vineyard?" Or that he

was a crazed man who sliced his ear lobe? Whatever thoughts come to mind, it should

be realized that van Gogh was an individual that sought for the acceptance of society,

and only after his death was he finally deemed to be a genius for this artwork. He was

indeed a caring individual who was obsessed with trying to please society, but in actual

fact, he was stuck in an uncaring, un-accepting society which thought that he was insane.

Born in Groot Zundert, located in The Netherlands on March 30th, 1853 Vincent

was the son of Theodorus van Gogh and Anna Cornelia Carbentus. His father was a

Pastor at a Dutch reformed church, while his mother was just a homemaker.

His family

wasn't exceedingly wealthy, but it didn't stop Vincent from leading a normal childhood.

Then in 1857, Theo was born. Vincent and Theo shared a special brotherly bond; the two

both loved and cared for each other very much. Theo was the sort of bother that one

could be dependent on, and later on in Vincent's life, Vincent became dependent on his

little brother.

At the tender age of nine, Vincent began drawing. His early sketches

determined the creativity and talent that he possessed. But it wasn't until the age of

Twenty-seven when Vincent decided to become an artist for the rest of his life. Throughout the lives of the van Goghs, art was apart of their lives. Vincent's uncles

Cornelius and Vincent were art dealers, and in 1869 Vincent van Gogh decided...