Life of Walt Disney.

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Disney. What comes to your mind when you hear the word Disney? Is it possible Disney World or maybe even Disney Land? But, it if you really think in depth about all the Disney things there are, wouldn't you wonder how one man could create all these international theme parks, movies, and characters like Mickey Mouse?

I decided to research Mr. Walt Disney because I wanted to find out how he made such an impact on the entertainment world for both children and adults. It's not everyday one man can make the huge accomplishments that Mr. Disney has. From theme parks around the world, to movies, books, and cartoons Mr. Disney has invented it all. He has his own TV station, plus children's toys and collectables.

Another amazing thing about Walt Disney was the fact that after he has died, his work still lives on. There are still new and improved Disney cartoons and movies made every year.

There are new additions to the Disney Theme Parks such as the Animal Kingdom and a Disney Cruise Line. There is even a new Disney Mickey Mouse cereal you can purchase in stores. But how is a man dead but his work still continues?

I found out all about Walt's life and how he reached the height of his career. It wasn't easy, with his studio being taken over by soldiers after the Pearl Harbor bombing; he still seemed to continue his work. Through all the hard times and the good Walt has really shown the world how to be a kid again. If you ask anyone that has gone to Disney World or Disney Land, they will tell you that you can't help but smile and be a kid again while you are there.

Walt's parents were married on January 1st,