The Life of a Webmaster

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The Life of a Webmaster

The career I have chosen to research and discuss is a Webmaster. A Webmaster's job is to create and maintain web pages on the Internet. The job of a Webmaster is constantly changing as new types of technology with web pages are continuously being introduced to the world. The Webmasters is responsible for staying current with this new technology as it continues to come out. There is a lot of work for a Webmaster, and the Webmaster can decide to either work for a company or hire him or herself out as an independent contractor. Web pages have been in existence since people started using the Internet, which was around 1990. The pages are created by using a code called Hypertext Markup Language, which is more commonly known as HTML. HTML is a very simple language to understand, but it is very limited in what it can do.

The job of a Webmaster will always be secure as the Internet grows bigger which creates the demand for more websites to be professionally created. Between 1994 and 1998, the number of people connected to the Internet in the United States alone leapt from barely two million to more than thirty million. Since that time, the number has only risen and will only continue to rise for many years to come.

A Website usually consists of a "homepage", a document that serves as a table of contents and index, which is linked to many pages of text and graphics. The content of these pages depends on the purpose of the Web site. A business can offer a catalog of goods or services, while a school might describe its courses and faculty members. As the Web grows and the technology for computers grows with it, a Webmaster's...