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Without religion human life would be meaningless

By Marte Dahl

A life without religion is for someone a life without value. Why should everyone on earth have a religion they should follow? Do we just need belief in something that is better than us, and can "forgive" us when things are not right? We might even be able to choose our own partners no matter the sex and would earth be better without religion? Thinking back on history, how many wars have not been started by a religious agreement or conflict? For someone to impose their religious beliefs on others, telling them that a life without religion is meaningless is a difficult thing to agree to. Why cannot the non-religious life be the "right" life to live? Would the world look exactly the same if we did not have religion, or would it appear dramatically different? Many people would agree that if we did not hold such beliefs, the wars and conflicts of the world would no longer be the issue it holds today, which is not right.

Human beings seem to have a savage fighter inside, waiting to come out. Since the Stone Age people have murdered and fought for their religious beliefs, which tells us death by humans are not a new phenomenon. A world without war will never be a reality. The historic part will not appear different, but the view about other people will change. One of the worst ideas religions hold is that homosexuality is a sin. It has been discriminated against and harassed them for centuries. They have not been able to love or have a relationship with someone of the same sex. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are some religion that is against homosexuality. In Judaism it states in the Torah that "a man...