Life Without Some Senses

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What if I could only see and hear? That's hard to comprehend, due to the fact I have all five senses. It would be hard to imagine it now except if I were born without my five senses, then I would adapt to my environment. I wouldn't want to lose any of my senses. I would hate to lose my sense of touch, smell, and taste.

It would be bizarre to not to be able to touch or feel something. I would not be able to distinguish between something hot or cold. I also would not be able to feel another person's skin, lips, etc... It would be weird not knowing when you're holding something because you cannot tell the difference, or not knowing when your feet are planted on the floor and might not realize you cannot walk the correct way. Not to forget that when you're eat, you would not be able to recognize when something is in your mouth.

Due to the fact that you cannot feel if it is there or not.

Another thing is taste. It would suck not to be able to taste, especially because I love food. I cannot imagine myself not being able to distinguish the difference between sweet and sour, or not being able to taste candy, or even vegetables. It would be kind of weird, due to the fact that you could eat your own poop and would not know make a difference to you because you cannot taste it. I could never visualize not being able to taste, mainly because it is a big part of our lives.

I could probably live without smell, but do not really know how big a part it plays in my life, but if I had to, I'd get ride of...