The Life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart basic biography

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The Life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The genius son of Leopold Mozart was born January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Germany. He began composing at the age of five and performing at age six. In 1763, the Mozart family went on tour to Paris and London to display Wolfgang and his sister Nannerl. Leopold Mozart always sent his son on tour and put great emphasis on the importance of money. By the end of his childhood, Wolfgang had developed a love-hate relationship with his father.

1770-73: While in Italy, Mozart became familiar with Italian styles and composed 2 operas: Mitridate and Lucio Silla. While on tour, he gave an exhibition which was reviewed. His program consisted of a piano concerto which he sightread; a sonata which he also had to sightread and supply variations, as well as transpose to another key; an aria which he had to compose on the spot to given words and sing it; a sonata which he had to improvise on a theme given by concertmaster; an improvisation of a strict fugue; a trio in which he played the violin part; and finally, one of his syhmphonies which he conducted from the clavier.

He was only 14 at the time

In 1777, Mozart was the Konzertmeister in Salzburg. This is when he composed masses, symphonies, all his violin concertos, six piano sonatas, several serenades and divertimentos and his first great piano concerto, K271. Later that year, his father sent him to Munich and Mannheim to find a more prestigious post, but he could not find one. While in Mannheim, however, he fell in love with Aloysia Weber, whose younger sister he would later marry.

All of Mozart's post-1777 works were concentrated on the pianoforte. He was particularly fond of Stein's pianofortes, but could never afford one.