The Lifeguard of Love

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The doorbell rang,She stood at the door,Under her breath,She solemnly swore.

“I’ll do what I need to,What we have planned,For I know my friend,Our love she can’t stand.”He opened the door,Pulled her inside,Whispered he loved her,His love wouldn’t hide.

A tear left her eye,As she turned away,Mumbling the words,That were so hard to say.

She shook and she trembled,He just looked surprised,That the one he had loved,He so quickly despised.

“Why did you do this?”His voice was a shout,She didn’t say anything,He mumbled, “Get out.”She left without words,Her whole body shook,For he didn’t realize,Her heart he still took.

“I did this for you!”She screamed to the sky,“I knew you’d feel better,If you had this guy!”He heard every word,Stepped quickly outside,Grabbing her hands,He knew ‘twas no lie.

He kissed her lips quickly,Wiped tears from her face,Knowing his reaction,Had been a disgrace.

She turned once again,Away from the one,She walked away quickly,Wondering what she had done.

She sat by the phone,Listening to his voice,Saying she had done it,Helped make this choice.

Tears filled her eyes,As she set down the phone,Running to his house,So he wasn’t alone.

He stayed in the kitchen,Ignoring her pleas,Keeping the door locked,And he sat on his knees.

She yelled and she screamed,But he didn’t look up,If volume were a sport,She’d win the cup.

She broke through a window,Her knuckles they bled,She ran through the house,Finding him dead.

She looked at his wrists,And up at his throat,Seeing the paper,She picked up his note.

Her tears they fell harder,She sunk to the floor,Not noticing his brother,Come through the door.

He found her there,Drenched in his blood,Shaking so terribly,Shoes caked with mud.

He lifted her slowly,Tears in his own eyes,Looking at his brother,In a great deal of surprise.

“It’s all my fault”She whispered and looked down,Knowing in her heart,She had helped...