LifeHouse and Blink182 Although I’ve seen both Lifehouse and Blink182

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LifeHouse and Blink182 Although I've seen both Lifehouse and Blink182 in concert, there are many differences between both of these bands.

As the crowd goes wild, and screaming fans chant. Blink182 made up of Tom, Mark, and Travis get the crowd going before they come out to shake things up. On the other hand Lifehouse takes the stage with no hesitation.

There fans are cool and clam. Not to out of hand like the Blink fans.

The different sounds of music both bands produce are totally different from one another. Lifehouse is more calm with songs about god, and love. They are more of a Christian type of band. Songs about god, finding yourself in the world and that one person you love. God and love are what their CD is based on. Lifehouse's music is compared to Creed's type of music. They write their songs about real life problems they have faced.

Blink182 on the other hand writes about life difficulties in a funny, humorous way. Like love and suicide, just everyday things. They do have slow songs and the meanings of the songs is really truthful. Like Adam's song. That has a great meaning behind it. It's about a sixteen year old boy who commits suicide. It helps us as teens deal with this topic through music.

Blink182 has had lots of number one hits, from being on Total request live on MTV, the radio, tv, and magazines. Songs such as Rock show, First date, what's my age again? Just to name a few. Lifehouse is pushing their second big hit. From the first hit Hanging by a moment, that was high on the charts on the radio stations, to their latest hit Breathing.

Lifehouse has never been on TRL, but their videos and songs have been played on MTV. Hanging by a moment is about love and hanging by that moment with that one person. Breathing is there second hit and even though it's new, it will be climbing the charts sooner then might be expected.

Lifehouse, making its move on the radio, tv, and magazines, hasn't been out on the road very long. Coming out with Hanging by a moment a little over a year ago, Lifehouse started touring. Lifehouse came here to the Mark of the Quad Cities, only months after the song and CD was released. Touring with Matchbox Twenty and Everclear, is how they jumped on the touring band wagon. Blink182 is a whole nother story.

Blink182, Mark, Tom, and Travis have been touring and performing at the warp tour for years. Blink182 has around five to six CDs. Ranging from the newest release of Take off your pants and jacket, to live version of them screwing around at a concert.

Talent wise, there some differences Blink182 talent is unique and different. Lifehouse is calm and soothing. If your in a crazy, need to just jam out mood, put in Blink, and kick back to some punk rock. It'll get your adrenaline going. Jump up and down and just go crazy with them. If your in a relaxing mood, or just a calm down mood, or almost in a depressed mood and need to just hear some good music that has good meaning. Try Lifehouse's No name face CD. If your in for a good relaxing tone of music.

Band names are another question sometimes people ask about bands. For instance Blink182 originally started out with just Blink, but someone had already had that name so they just through on a 182 at the end of Blink. For Lifehouse, it is a mystery. I have looked up all sorts of things on Lifehouse and it has never said anything about were these guys came up with the name Lifehouse.

In comparison with these too bands it is clear to say that they are different in many ways. As for my opinion I listen to both bands and I enjoy there music. They both have different qualities and that is what makes there music interesting to listen to.