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Case Study What is life really like for the " older " generation? Many people view them as being mean, evil, and grouchy people who are unable to get around. As I observed and interviewed an older person, I found that this was only another stereotype against them. The lady who I interviewed had no prior association with me. The assignment and objective was to find out about her past life experiences, her family, health situations, and other personal information. A relationship between my subject and me also initiated.

The person who I interviewed for the case study assignment, was a ninety-two year old widowed woman. She is currently living alone in a single bedroom apartment in the Karoline Retirement Home here in Lubbock. There at Karoline, the interviewee is very socially involved in all Karoline events, such as skits, plays, arts and crafts, helps her residents plan for upcoming events, and she partakes in the role of the representative counsel for her floor.

This particular lady very much enjoys playing bridge the card game, meeting old friends for lunch, participating in various church activities, and helping out others in a time of need. " I am not depressed at all. Life for me is great, " says the lady.

As a former kindergarten and first grade teacher, the subject who volunteered to be interviewed, loves working with young children, and keeping in touch as they grown up into an adult. She got her teaching degree at the University of Mississippi, after receiving her bachelor's degree at Texas Tech University in August of nineteen thirty-one. She taught children for thirty years before she retired, teaching in Los Angeles California, Columbus Ohio, and Mississippi public schools. Even though children are dearly loved by her, she and her husband never had...