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Case Study Approval

As a team, complete the table below examining the case studies in Watersheds 4. Each team member should identify at least two possible case studies to work on and write the justification for using each. Then, as a team, choose your top two case studies to use for the Learning Team project. Submit this form to your instructor, who will tell your group which case study it will be using. Add additional rows for team members if needed.

Team Member

Case Study



Fabrienne Harley

Addressing the New Population Dilemma

Addressing the New Population: Problems

1. To many Chinese people

2. One child policy

3. To many boys and not enough girls

4. They pay families to have girls

5. Child ages 18-65 have to take support the children and the adults in the family

(If he couple gets married this will include 4 parents and 8 grandparents if couple gets married)

6. Financial distress

What the Chinese people do to fix this problem:

They should lose the one child policy

This will help the economy

With more siblings there will be more people to take care of the elderly.


Fabrienne Harley

What are the Alternatives for Energy

The Alternatives for Energy: Problems

We consume to much energy

Fossil fuels

Natural Gas


To fix this problem:

Use more renewable energy sources

Wind mills

Solar power


B: Anna p

Addressing the New Population Dilemma

Addressing the New Population: Problems

China enormous factory workplace retreat/Die it will be a full-size opening in the people that can replace them because of the 1 child policy the solution is to change the child policy to 2 child policy instead of 1 or...