"The light in the forest" By Conrad Richter

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The light in the forest

By Conrad Richter

The story is about a half Indian boy half white boy who is stolen from the whites at a very young age he is brought up to love Indian ways and has to dear friends that are his cousins half arrow and little crane. However, all the fun is interrupted when the entire sudden true son is ordered to go to the white people his original people. True son greatly resents this and tries to run away from everyone but his Indian father goes in to the woods and soon is able to find him. True son is taken away by the Calvary and his parents bid farewell, he is on the way when both his cousins accompany him on the way to the citadel. But when it comes time to cross the water to go to the citadel the cousins must part.

Once in the citadel the captives are held in a small cell while waiting for their family or relatives to come and claim them. Soon true sons white father comes to take him off when they come home the boy is almost immediately smacked with prejudice from the aunt and uncle of his. He is not willing to accept the white ways to the point that they call over a reverend to talk with him the boy only gets the reverend agitated and the family is almost hopeless. True son hears from a slave that a man on top of a hill can speak the Indian language so true son sets off on a horse of his white fathers and with his white brother they are soon apprehended by his uncle and father who are very pissed. True son soon becomes stricken with a disease and is almost knocked...