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Lighthouse Story The sea was calm tonight, but yet it was also very foggy, it is a danger for ships to sail blindly in the mist. Just like the ancient stories about ships getting lost in heavy fog because they have suddenly changed course without knowing. Many of these incidents have happened here in Hahn bay, that's why I was built here, to prevent ships from crashing into rocks or running aground, especially those oil tankers, they leave a mass that can scar this place for life. Hi! My name is Joseph Hahn; I am the lighthouse of Hahn Bay.

I am a white lighthouse standing 30 metres into the air on a cliff facing the centre of the bay. I have been here standing for 2 years now. The government established me here after the great oil tanker Shinoda ran around 3 years ago, it caused gigantic oil spill that almost covered half of the bay, many of the bay's wildlife were seriously hurt, they include birds such as gulls, ducks and pelicans to occasional seals that come in during the winter to mate.

It took 8 full months for the locals and government workers to clean up the mess that nature made us do.

Ever Since I was build here, there haven't been any oil spills or shipping accidents since the Shinoda crisis, I have seen that the people living in the area are very happy that no such spills have affected the bay area and ruined its beauty. There are now many other lighthouses around the bay; there is a similar lighthouse to me on the opposite side of bay called the Bennington lighthouse and two more towards the mouth of the bay called the Rob and Brad Lighthouses and a smaller light house in the middle of the bay called Phoenix Lighthouse, those are also known as the channel markers, to guide large ships into the docks.

The local government will use me and for another couple of years before they either upgrades me with higher technology or use me as a tourist attraction as the first lighthouse to be established in Hahn Bay, they can not pull me down because I have been apart of Hahn Bay's history and I am considered as a important landmark.