Lightless Night.

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Lightless Night.

It was a hot summer day in New York. Everyone was busy with their everyday routines. Most people were at work, the rest were occupied with other tasks. I was lying on the couch watching TV and making plans for the evening.

Suddenly an air conditioner made a loud noise and the next second everything turned off. It didn't seem as anything extraordinary at first, but after some amount of time I lost my patience and went outside to the street to inquire what had happened. There I found out that the whole city was out of power. Minutes later it turned out that most of the Northeast, including a part of Canada was without electricity.

Wondering how could all this happen I went for a walk. It seemed like everybody was out of their houses and apartments. They were laughing and discussing what had happened. Also, without traffic lights the streets were paralyzed.

It was a dangerous and a hard task for pedestrians to cross a road.

When I reached home it was getting darker. After having some dinner and reading a newspaper I found a flashlight and went downstairs, thinking that my brother, who worked in Manhattan, should be home any moment, and he wouldn't find his way upstairs to our apartment in the dark.

When he finally came, it turned out that the trip home took about 4 hours, instead of regular 30 minutes. My brother brought a laptop and we watched some movies until the battery died. Around two o'clock at night we went outside. It was an experience to me like I never had before. We were in one of the largest cities in the world, but it looked like a village. There were absolutely no people or cars on the streets.