"Lightning Bolts on an Open Field"

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Storms are always frightening. The gale winds and ferocious blasts of thunder could even wake a hibernating bear. Fright can build up even faster when the storm simply pops up while one drives through some farmland. Seeing rain batter and blast a windshield and lightning strike so close that a whiff of it could be caught is not the best way to spend what could've been an otherwise peaceful day. Seeing what a storm can be both rewarding and bloodcurdling.

As a blue car streaked by what seemed at first to be an open field of purely nothing, clouds began to form above. The field was utterly green, there was the occasional tree that looked out of place among the few shrubs that were growing among the tall blades of grass. The blades were huge, growing to perhaps three feet. Suddenly, a light drizzle began to devour the sky. The light tap of harmless water creates a rhythmic beat for those in the comfort of their warm, dry cars.

The field welcomed the rain because it hadn't rained for weeks on end. The shrubs were begging for water and finally had their wishes granted. Then the rain started to pick up, turning the gentle tap on the roofs of the car into a relentless banging that showed no sign of giving up anytime soon. Frightful of the sound of the rain that sounded more like a murderer banging on the door of a house in the middle of the night, man cars pulled over onto the shoulder of the road. The harmless water now seemed to threaten to break through the windshield of the blue car and others. The trees, shrubs, and grass that had once begged for water had quickly changed their minds. The once magnificent three feet...