The Lights 5 Years From Now

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The lights are bright and I can barely see anyone above the first ten rows of seats, but I can hear them. I know that 30,000 fans are watching me as I take this free throw. I could win or lose the game. And this game is not just any game, but it is the game, the NCAA Women's National Basketball Championship. This is also my last game for the University of Connecticut, my last game as a Husky. I take my shot and it goes in, SWISH! The buzzer sounds and the game is over. We won the championship and I hear my name being sounded off as the MVP, the most valuable player. The smile on my face stretches from ear-to-ear and I can not stop laughing. Life is good and it is the happiest I have been in a very long time.

That is five years from today.

My life will be all about basketball and I want it to be a happy life. I see myself as very happy doing what I want to do and not what someone else wants me to do. I am me and I do not have to shield myself, my real self, from anyone. I am not scorned upon for being who I really am and I do not pretend to be someone I am not. I sleep well at night instead of tossing and turning and I don't yawn during the day because of the good night's rest I received. I play hard because I want to and not because it is just something to do.

Today I am a senior in high school, trying to make my dream a reality. I go to Macarthur High and play basketball on our varsity team. I try to be who I really am but I am scared, scared of what they might do or say, scared that I might not fit in. I do my homework and shoot a basketball at least a hundred times a day. I try to eat well and exercise so I can play as much as I possible can. I go to bed early and try to have a good night's sleep even though I know it probably won't come. I try to gain as much knowledge about this game that I love so much so I can look at it as more than a player but as a winner. This sport is my life and I try to play it as well as I can. I work hard and put myself down when I mess up. This is my life and how I play it and basketball.

In five years, I want to be a star. In five years, I want to make the game winning basket. Right now I do all I can so I can be that star and make that shot. I try to be happy so five years from now when I do make that shot, I'll be even happier. I'll be who I want to be because I want to be that person and not someone else.

***This essay is an account of my dreams and is written by me.