Like a Pinecone

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Like the Pinecone

Jazmine Torres

ENGL 1300

James Gonzales

October 2, 2014

Like the Pinecone

It's been a year. A long, dramatic year since I've been back. I wasn't prepared at all. I dreaded the day that I would have to face the music and move on. I didn't know what I was waiting for, maybe a sign or a push. I hated being back there though, all the memories are signs that I missed him. But I didn't. At least that's what I told myself. About a year ago, I spent my last picnic here with my family. With my dad. It was one of the last ones. And there I was, back a year later. Back at Ascarate Park, to start another tradition only being with my sister, my niece Leilanie, and my sister's husband.

I unloaded the car full of marinated steak, shredded lettuce, baked jalapeno chips, and sweetened, succulent, apples.

Having to struggle with the food, the blanket, and the overload of Tupperware, it was impossible to focus on the main reason why I wanted to flee.

"Thanks for helping. Your mom said she was still stuck in traffic for a while," Angel, my sister's husband, stated.

"It's fine, just being a good sister-in-law or whatever," I said rather awkwardly.

I then shrugged and handed him the very last of the food. I then decided to take a look around. Nothing much has changed here-the indulgent smell of the pines, the wind moving the leaves in a twirl, the grass shining an emerald glow. Yet the only thing that ruined this feeling, was the gloomy effect the grey clouds made. It was sad, depressing even. Just sitting on a nearby tree, I remember the birthday parties, the picnics, and the cookouts we had. Looking back...