Like Water for Chocolate

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The novel Like Water for Chocolate is a romantic, inspiring story of two young people who struggle to keep their love alive. It also depicts the life of a young woman (Tita) who lived oppressed and despised by her own mother. Through reading the book we are able to better understand Tita's life, not just her romantic affair. We are also able to read more fully how indifferent Tita's mother used to treat Tita. For example on pg. 6 the three sisters are playing in "Tita's world" and Rosaura was afraid to go near the griddle, ". So Tita tried to move her hands closer to the griddle. Rosaura resisted and they struggled for control until Tita became annoyed and let go, so that momentum carried Rosaura's hands onto it [griddle]. Tita got a terrible spanking for that, and she was forbidden to play with her sisters in her 'own world'."

This passage shows us how indifferent Mama Elena treated Tita. Because here Tita was only six years old at the moment and she didn't intentionally mean to hurt her sister. Also this is where we begin to see the rivalry between the two sisters.

In the film this scene isn't shown, which tells us how film left out minor scenes which could have a greater effect throughout the whole movie. The film basically just covers more romantic scenes and tells us of a love story; rather than the whole life of Tita. The films main focus is to try and attract a Hollywood crowd; and in doing so they've (producers) changed some of the content in the novel. However the film also provides us with scenes that do enhance my knowledge of the novel. There are scenes in the film...