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After watching the film, I think some scenes do not portray the real feelings of the characters. It doesn't manage to capture the moods and atmosphere compared to the book.

When we see Mama Elena giving birth to Tita in the beginning of the film, she started off with chopping onions and then proceeded to sweep everything off the kitchen table when she doubled over in pain. And right there, she gave birth to her youngest daughter. After a while, we see Nacha sweeping up the remains of Tita's tears, which had been dried up by the sun into salt. This part was really well done and was exaggerated so it seemed like it could really happen in reality. Though it was impossible as a baby can't cry while inside the mother's womb. On paper though, it didn't seem genuine enough even though the author described it with lots of detail.

In fact it sounded a bit extreme and I couldn't get it into my head the picture of the whole scene. However, the film followed the scene exactly and nothing was altered. This is good, because if they changed it, the whole story plot wouldn't be the same anymore and the reader would easily get confused.

Later on, we see Tita getting depressed because Pedro, the man she loves, is about to marry Rosaura, her own sister. Under strict orders from her mother, she was not allowed to cry. As the youngest daughter in the entire family, she was to take care of her mother until she passed away. While baking a cake for the wedding, Nacha comforts her then sends her off to bed. She couldn't sleep well that night however, so she got up to make a quilt and cried until it was nearly dawn. In...