Liking or Love?

Essay by cheatmasterflex November 2002

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This is a pretty good essay talking about a first love. This is has passed around here,now presented to all of you.

Like or Love?

Liking someone and Loving someone is very different. Now I know, but when I was younger, I was a boy with strange feelings that I thought were ridiculous. For example, I saw her flirting with another guy and it gave me two feelings; 1 is you want to go there and pound him to the floor. The second feeling is like a knife stabbing right to my most vulnerable spot, my stomach, or at least that that was mine. You get of so called "Love" is pain! The feeling I want to go places, have tons of fun, ect, and at the end all you get is nothing except one time where you have felt the warm fuzzy feeling that warms you even in the winter cold with her on your side.

All "Young Love" is pure blindness when you do not see with your eyes, you see with your heart soon to be stabbed with a silver blade of her sweet words saying; "I'm sorry, but this must end" right after you are certain she is there for stay, she vanish's into thin air without any trace of where she has gone. When I first saw her was on a sunny day where finding "Love" was an endless possibility and there she was sitting on a silver bench with her hands curling her neat straight hair that reminds you of a shining silver waterfall. I said to myself "Oh my god, she's gorgeous, this is a must have" and a funny feeling begins inside of me that I had no idea I felt un till after I talk to this sweet godess.

I approached...