Lily's murder

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Lilly's murder was a tremendous tragedy, but as well showed a tremendous variety of different reactions to the event. There were many people involved but who is to blame? In reality the "who is to blame" decision varies by person. In my perspective everyone present had an involvement in the death. But this tragic event has factors yet to be viewed. Such as is Lilly herself to blame for her murder, the involvement of others, and finally my opinion and reaction to this occurrence.

With every event it is compiled in parts it is never just the results of one event. In the case it begins with the thought of, "is Lilly completely blameless in her untimely murder." In my point of view of course she is to blame. She had the choice to say no I don't want to go just take me home. Or at least have the common sense to question what kind of party it was, or who was the host of the party.

On the other hand we could say that we never know what may happen to us wherever we may go, the whole concept of "being at the wrong place at the wrong time." There is also the whole pier pressure theory, which personally I don't believe in because I've been placed in many "pier pressured situations." The point is she had the choice to attend the party or not and could have at least informed her guardian (her grandmother).

There is always the thought that comes to us (at least it does to me) that when we hear of affair occurring we always picture ourselves in that scenario, and what we would do? Personally I can see my self in her situation. The reason for that is that first off we don't...