Limerick poetry on religious tolerance entitled: Divinely Appointed Liberty

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Divinely Appointed Liberty

The killers came for us at night

They figured to be ready for a fight

How little they knew

Of me and you

Yet they shut us off from flight

They raced in with fits of anger

Held stead only with a fury-filled anchor

We prayed out aloud

For a protective shroud

So we would have the blessing of the Angler

Our prayers went up and out

Hoping our Father would bless the devout

We sat and we waited

Praying our lives would be weighted

As He filled us with stout

A light beamed from the Divine

And a voice spoke from within the shine,

"My children, hold fast

By you they will pass."

So we kneeled down to the sign.

Our killers flew away;

The voice wouldn't permit them stay.

From there to the world

The message of peace unfurled;

Freedom shone through the fray.