Limited War (korean war)

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What do you understand by the term "limited war"? Explain in what ways one-twentieth century war could be called a limited war.

Limited war is a term used to define a war where both sides use limited resources and do not use all available items. The conditions set by the belligerents is what defines the scope and scale of the war. Whether it is agricultural, military, technological or defined specifically in certain conflict. The concept behind limited war is the opposite of total war. An example of a limited war is the Korean War (25th June 1950- 27th July 1953). This war is classified as a limited war due to both sides having restrictions upon military commitment, political and economical commitment and finally their objectives. The level of commitment from the allies also had a significant impact on the War; Soviet supported North Korea where as America support South Korea.

North Korea run over by communism due to the ruling and support of the USSR and related individuals such as Stalin supported an invasion of the South but only under clarified conditions. North Korean Troops invaded South Korea by crossing the 38th parallel, the leader Kim II -sung launched this attack due to receiving clarification that Stalin and the Soviet Union would back them. Although it was a difficult situation, as Stalin didn't want to commit the Soviet Union to another drawn out struggle as the patriotic war had already devastated the Soviet Union. At the time they also placed a heavier focus on events occurring in Europe and therefore were unwilling to widen the conflict of Korean Peninsula. An exception to this plan was when the soviet provided high performance MIG 15 fighters to the conflict although Russian Pilots manned most of the North Korean Air Defences. There was...