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11 April 2008

Author Biography: Abraham Lincoln

On February 12, 1809 Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin built by his father in what is now considered Hodgenville, Kentucky. His father, Thomas Lincoln and mother Nancy Hanks, and sister, Sarah, lived in the cabin until 1811. According to MSN Encarta, life was lonely and hard; they had little time to play and their childhood was mostly fishing, hunting, farming, and doing chores. The Lincoln family moved to Indiana in 1816. In 1818, an epidemic of bad milk broke out, caused by cows that had eaten wild snakeroot plants. This was an national tragedy, but for the Lincolns, it was much worse. Abraham's mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln had drank some of the prejudicial milk and eventually died on October 5, 1818. A year later Lincoln's father married a woman by the name of Sarah Bush Johnston, a widow with three of her own children ("Abraham Lincoln"- MSN Encarta).

Education was a major issue that affected Abraham Lincoln's life. As a child, Abraham attended a pre-school which was conducted in a log cabin. Abraham only attended school when he was not engaged with chores his father gave to him. During this time in history, education was not a priority like it is today, there were very few trained teachers, and most of them were barely more educated then their students. Lincoln stated in his autobiography that "no qualification was ever required of a teacher beyond readin', writin', and cipherin', to the Rule of Three" ("Abraham Lincoln"- MSN Encarta). This lead Lincoln to gain knowledge on his own without a formal education, Lincoln learned how to read, write, and do basic math. According to MSN Encarta, books were a huge part of...