Lincoln in his role in the USA history

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The Man Who Freed Us or Not?

For many years, Abraham Lincoln High School has been celebrating the birthday of the man it was named after. However, this year the African-American students at the school began arguing about this celebration and questioning whether it should be cancelled on the grounds of Lincoln's letter to his friend Horace Greeley. By some students' opinion in this letter Lincoln has expressed himself as a racist, who supported slavery and did not perceived African-Americans as human beings.

Now the members of the History Team of our school has being elected to find out what was the real Abraham Lincoln's role in abolishing slavery in this country. Upon the History Team's research, the students of our school will decide whether Lincoln's birthday should be celebrated. I, as a member of the History Team performed my own study of Lincoln's statements and his opinions on African-American issues and slavery.

At the time of the Civil War, the Union was a week federation of northern states, Old South states, new states between them and territories in the West. In the Old South white slave non-holders and plantation owners fully embraced freedom, while black slaves were denied this fundamental rights. Southern states were agrarian, depended on slave labor of African-American for agriculture work and thought that states had the right to choose their way of treating African-Americans. The northern states were mostly industrial, urban and almost completely populated by the whites. Northerners, along with Abraham Lincoln, did not want slavery to spread into the new states. In the Congress the northern political group called abolitionists was demanding the freeing of all slaves. The radical Southerners determined that the only way to assure and maintain their rights, was secession from the union. Many Southern states also publicly announced...