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On Line Educations By: It was once said that a student grumbled, and then lived with the grades they were given. Now it is apparent that an education can come just as easy as downloading an MP3. With the future decision of where Blinn College stands on the matter of an online education is being left up to a group of student leaders. So here I am to inform you that, although Blinn is offering courses via the Internet, I feel that allowing all current courses available online to anyone will cause a major student drain. The future direction of Blinn College needs to come from within the classrooms.

The University of Phoenix, which is via the Internet, shuns traditional scholarships and is allowing curriculums so superficial it?s just like a drive through restaurant. Within the past 20 years two hundred colleges have closed since Phoenix was thought up. It is a system that allows students to take advantage of its true meaning.

It?s a system that is meant to help students, which are unable to attend class. A system like this is not teaching students the true discipline that comes from the classroom. Many students find this more convenient to them. I consider that laziness which is the exact thing that has become a major problem in our society. The ability to go out into the real world and produce productive results is the only true way for students to prove them selves. Discipline is some thing that cannot be taught over the Internet, it can only be taught through the rules, which an institute applies. We cannot fall into society?s lazy ways, which is found in a small chair behind the keyboard.

Then there are the many jobs to consider, from which this will have a great effect.