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Introduction Since the time of Queen Cleopatra, women of color have blended the finest ingredients to enhance their beauty. That same concept is the driving philosophy behind Linsey Cosmetics, a quality skin-care and beauty-product line specially developed for women of color, Launched by Micki Linsey in 1988 to fill a void in ethnic cosmetics, the Linsey Cosmetics line offers more than 50 beauty items that cater to the special qualities of melanin-rich, sensitive skin. A successful day-care entrepreneur since 1956, Linsey diversified her talents and opened Linsey's Salon in 1983, a full-service beauty salon. Salon aestheticians wanted to develop a product line that was worthy of the Linsey name. After market analysis and testing, Linsey, company aestheticians and chemists, developed the first line of Linsey Cosmetics. The product was so successful, that it became the only Atlanta-based, minority-owned cosmetics line to be featured in one of Atlanta's finest department stores.

Today, the family run business continues its dedication to customers by providing products that cater to the specific needs of sensitive skin. Made with the finest ingredients, Linsey Cosmetics will yield healthy, radiant, beautiful skin.

Although very successful at first, Linsey cosmetics have recently encountered a slump in sales. In the beginning, Linsey cosmetics occupied a stand in eight Rich's department stores across the metro Atlanta area. Through out this time, sales of the cosmetics were excellent and customers were very satisfied with the product. Linsey also owned a beauty salon next door to their office with a spa that was also experiencing good business. The future looked very well during this period and growth seemed eminent. Problems came though when the management of Rich's changed. When the company first made the agreement with Rich's to occupy space in the stores they neglected to make a formal contract. As...