Lion Attacks

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Boston, Jan. 1 - A female lion at the city's zoo was clawed to death in November by a male lion minutes after they were placed in with each other in anticipation of having them become used to existing in the same vicinity.

The Franklin Park Zoo stayed silent about the fatality, on Nov. 16, of the lioness, Binti Mafuta, since it was a humiliation as the zoo was battling financial difficulties.

Days following the loss, the government backing Zoo New England, which controls the Franklin Park Zoo and the Stone Zoo, in Stoneham. This led to the dismissal of 17 zoo workers.

Two other popular animals, a gorilla and lion have died recently, both to anesthesia. The gorilla passed away four years ago; the lion was put to sleep last March. A necropsy showed that the lion had severe heart and lung problems related to age.

The zoo acquired two stand-in lions, but it didn't perceive that Binti Mafuta would instigate aggression between the male lions because she had been spayed.

The males were gradually introduced to her. Cliff, the less violent, seemed a candidate for introduction. But after he and the female were let out into the holding area, Cliff violently bit her throat. Employees used maze, fire extinguishers and water hoses to fend him off, but were unsuccessful saving the lioness.

On Friday, the board refused to restore the zoo director's contract. He had been recognized as the person renewing the Franklin Park Zoo. Mr. Wilson said the choice was not connected to the female lion's death.

Reaction This is just another instance of the tragedies that can happen when enclosed animals that are not familiar with each other are placed together. This article contained a lot of valuable information on zoo mammals. I learned very much on the actions of unfamiliar animals in the same area.