"The Lion King"

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Many people think "The Lion King", is one of Disney's most successful movies. It is also a very successful Broadway play. When I saw the play, I thought it was very tastefully done and appealed to all age groups, both young and old. The actors displayed a great deal of energy and they danced and sang through out the play, at times giving me goose bumps. The music was very exciting and wistful. The actors sang with great intensity and the selection of songs complemented the theme of the play very well. The actors sang with great passion and emotion, displaying incredible facial expressions and body language which added to the play's dynamics and made the play and the music flow smoothly together.

The costumes and set designs were very unique. The costumes had a color and design that made you feel as if you were in Africa.

The costumes blended well with the characters and their dance moves and also flowed well the music. The sets also provided the feel of the desert and the jungle. The set changed as the scenes changed, drawing you into the scenes. The lyrics to the songs carried the story line and held your attention from the opening words to the final curtain call.

There were several hit songs from The Lion King, but none as popular as Elton Johns "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" which he wrote specifically for The Lion King. It is one of my favorite songs. The words pulled me in. The song is both happy and sad. Song tells the story of Simba, the many character remembering is childhood friend Nala and it tells you how much they loved each other and were so happy to see each other again after many...