Lion King: The Musical Review

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Lion King: The Musical is the best on stage performance I have ever experienced. Going into the theatre I was unsure of what to expect. Was it going to be exactly like the movie? Or completely different with a few things in common? Much to my liking, it was very, very similar to the movie. There were a few extra scenes and songs to help it adapt to the stage. Throughout the musical I was moved and in awe of the whole experience. Disney did an awesome job bringing the movie to life.

The opening scene of the play was by far the most memorable portion of the play to me. When the actress playing Rafikki came on stage singing the Circle of life. I got to watch all the animals coming on stage through the audience, I kept getting this feeling that I thought I could only get once.

I first got it when I heard her booming voice hitting every single note in the song she made it even more powerful then the woman who sings it in the movie. I got it again as soon as the animals entered the theatre through the doors. First there were birds, rhinos, antelope and then an elephant that was no question life size walked down the aisles with a baby elephant holding on to its tail. When I saw the size and detail of the elephant I gasped. And if that wasn't enough a life size giraffe came down the aisle soon after, there I felt that feeling surge through my body again for the third time in five minutes. I could not believe that all the animals were walking right past my seat. The amazing feeling overcame me again when I saw all the animals on stage...