Lion Witch And Wardrobe

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The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is by C.S. Lewis. The theme of this book is that you should think of yourself before others and make sacrifices if helps other people. And if you can sacrifice yourself if it helps other people you should.

The story is about four children who are all brothers and sisters Peter (oldest) Susan (2nd oldest) Edmund (3rd oldest) Lucy (youngest) who stay with an old professor with a huge house, and they spend their time exploring the house and Lucy finds a huge wardrobe, so she goes into it and there are rows and rows of fur coats and they slowly start turning into trees and snow is under her feet she realizes that she is in a magical world. She keeps going until she finds a lamppost and meets a faun named Mr. Tumnus who invites her to his cave for tea and cake so she goes and they have tea and cake they talk about Narnia because Lucy is curious.

He tells her that an evil witch rules over Narnia and she makes it always winter. Then Mr. Tumnus plays his flute and Lucy falls asleep for hours. When she wakes up Mr. Tumnus is sobbing and he tells her that he has been hired by the witch to kidnap any humans that come into Narnia but he let's Lucy get away. She goes back into the mansion and tells them about her experience. They do not believe her because no time has passed in the real world. So for the next few weeks they forget about it but while playing hide and seek Lucy hides in the Wardrobe and then she goes into Narnia and visits Mr. Tumnus again and then later Edmund walks into Narnia, meets the evil witch...