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"Possibly the next biggest flaw since cigarettes," exclaims a MADD representative in a new paper article. The problem they are referring to is drunk driving. Picture this, your driving home from school/work and you want to get ready for the big party tonight, and you remember you need to supply your own beer. You drive downtown and find "Jim's Drive-Thru Liquor Store." You pull up to the window, order and drive away. You figure since your thirsty and you just spent your last ten bucks on beer, you might as well drink some. After a few beers you blank out and wake up either on a hospital bed or in your grave. This is what drunk drivers go through, except most are not able to have a second chance at life because they wasted it away on a bottle. It doesn't have to be that way if we eliminate a huge factor of drunk driving, drive-thru liquor stores.

STAR Alliance For Drug-free Youth stated that "Most people drink alcohol because they either are looking for a good time, or an escape from reality to relax" on to their website. What most alcoholics don't know is that alcohol can be your worst nightmare. Most alcoholics started when they were teenagers because of experimenting or pressure. These teenagers get their alcohol by their brothers or sisters, friends, maybe even their parents. Now you may be asking yourself, "What does this have to do with drive-thru liquor stores?" Well...

"Over 16,000 people were killed within the last year in alcohol-related traffic accidents totaling near 40% of all traffic deaths. More than one million others were injured, according to police and medical personnel reports. During holiday periods such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and 4th of July, drunk driving increases. Over 1,600 people were killed in alcohol-related traffic accidents from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day last year." This information was from an article from an organization called Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

DWIs have been given to over 2000 drunk drivers last year in order to show where people are driving while intoxicated the most. Some locations in which traffic accidents spring up more. Quite often, DWIs are given to people from ages 17-23 years and at times arrests occur.

"I woke up and found my wife in a hospital bed in critical condition," says Fred Fanette in an article on drunk driving. "I was driving while we both were drunk and I ran a red light hitting a car on the passenger's side, where my wife was. She suffered many broken bones and was not expected to live." With the elimination of drive-thru liquor stores, the process of drinking alcohol while driving is helped by not giving alcoholic beverages to people who are behind the wheel. This experiment shall start in downtown Austin, TX and if proven successful and helpful, shall spread to other cities such as Houston and Dallas. When lives are saved and traffic accidental rates have lowered, then our experiment has been proven successful.

I would not like to see a relative in pain or laid to rest because they didn't feel like leaving their car to purchase alcoholic beverages. These liquor stores make the customers be able to drive while they drink and not have to get out of they're car at all. If you vote for my bill, we shall immediately eliminate all drive-thru liquor stores in the Austin area and spread to other cities if our traffic accident rate drops.