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The Wicked Witch of Reading

Shriya Shah

University of the Sciences

Author Note:

This paper is prepared for English 101-02, taught by Dr. Egbert, submitted on Sept. 23, 2014.

"Who would like to read," asked our third grade teacher, Mrs. Sole. No hands went up. Each student sat there trying to prevent eye contact teacher. After a moment of silence, Mrs. Sole finally said those words that frightened every student in the room, "I will take out the popsicle sticks and pick randomly, if no one volunteers to read". And that is exactly what she did. She took out her popsicle sticks and there the whole cycle began.

It was a typical Friday, sometime in third grade, when I began to hate reading. Most students get excited when it is Friday. It meant that it was ice cream day at Intervale Elementary School and the excitement of the weekend filled the classroom.

However, I hated Fridays. While all kids ran around screaming Thank God it's Friday, I sat there in my seat anxious and afraid. For me Fridays meant sitting in a circle and reading a short story out loud as a class, in front of everyone with all eyes on me. I would have enjoyed the stories if my teacher had read them herself. However, she made sure everyone had the chance to read, even if they did not want to. Of course, I would never volunteer. The moment Mrs. Sole started calling names my heart beat would suddenly speed up to a thousand miles per hour. I would get nervous about being nervous, if that was even possible, and would look down at the floor to avoid her pretty, hazel eyes that were nearly impossible to escape. As soon as a name was called...